Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just A Reminder....

I've moved!

Please come and join me! And as always, any info on better using wordpress is appreciated!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A new post... over at wordpress!

If anybody has any good wordpress tutorials, I would appreciate that! I want to get a button on the new blog, and I like having a list of the blogs I (will eventually some year) follow!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh dear...

So... because I have nothing else to do...

I moved to wordpress.

I wouldn't come over quite yet, I just got started, but it will be coming! And talk about perfectionist blogging! I had to think of a name, and so I just... did it. I didn't overthink it, I just... though of something and-

Well, I thought of something and it was taken.


Then I thought of something else and it was open and I just took it! GO ME!

So, eventually, after I get over my overwhelmedness, you'll be able to check me out at

Pedestals and Put Downs

Do you put anyone up on a pedestal?

I'm horribly guilty of this. I have for many, many years. It was more because I thought so little of myself; kind of a "I always screw up, so anybody must be better then me" kind of attitude. I was around adults a lot, and they seemed to have it under control (my mom was perfect back then, don't you know?). And I could never do anything right. So, everyone must be better then me.

While I'm now a little better about my thinking then that (I realize that I'm not the worst person in the world) but I still do tend to think that most people are better then me. That leads to two problems. (Well, OK, it leads to many problems and therapy, but let's just focus on two.)

The first is the obvious pedestal. When you put people there, you hold them to ridiculously high standards. Then when they slip (because they are human), you think they have failed you. They were perfect (in your head) and then one thing ruins the illusion and - in your mind - the person. In some cases friendships are ruined over it!

The second is not so clear. It's when you feel better then other people. When you take their quirks or mistakes and feel that smug "Well, at least *I'm* not like that". When you make "innocent" comments knowing that it will make the other person feel uncomfortable with their choices.

What brought this out? Oddly enough, an overflowing sink. Not mine! But Marla Ciley, The Flylady, the person who is helping me slowly gain control over my house. Yes, she left her water running, and her sink overflowed! And you know what? She shared it with the world! She posted pictures! She made a mistake, and she was able to take it and laugh and learn from it! Then, she shared her laughs and lesson with us!

So yes, pictures of someone's overflowing sink, somebody in the public profile, sent my mind off on this crazy thought train. I'm so grateful that she (and others) can show their human side. All to often we (or at least, I) feel as though I have to put on this show, to be who we think others want us to be. How refreshing it is to get a reminder like that! We can be loved for US, for who we are! It's a lesson I try to be sure to pass on to my kiddos every day!

So, what are your thoughts/experiences on this? And if you're a parent, how do you keep your kids humble yet confident? Please, share away!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

As I Plot My Return...

So, apparently, my random memory isn't enough. It has to be random ACCESS memory.

Thankfully, you can get that cheap online, so some good ol' RAM is coming in the mail and that will - in theory - make my computer happy. Apparently, it doesn't like to run the antivirus stuff AND all the other necessities, so this should help. At least, that's my non-techy way of explaining it...

So, as soon as it comes in and my husband pops it in, I should be back in action! (Man, don't you wish it was that easy? "My head is getting full, I can't focus on all this!! Hey honey, did that extra memory come in? Great! Hand me the screwdriver!")

I have been trying to focus more... that 15 minutes at a time is GREAT! It's been a huge help keeping me focused(ish) lately!

On the bad side, I think my dear son is done with naps. (ADD? What ADD?) If he DOES do a formal nap, bedtime is looooong. The boy is not yet 3. The boy is a stereotypical boy. The boy. Needs. A nap. (OK, not true. More like: The mom. Needs him. To nap.)

Ooo, my kids. That's a good topic too. How to get kids to help out around the house? I have some nifty ideas, I look forward to sharing! And of course, hearing YOUR ideas!

But for now, I will get off my poor computer. I think I'm stressing it out, it needs it's rest before the big day. But hey, I got Firefox open within 4 minutes of clicking the icon, I had to celebrate somehow....

Friday, June 18, 2010

This Is Definetly....

.... a practice in perfectionist blogging.

But I'm not giving up. Life is just... screwy right now. As in, I'm screwing it up! But I'm working through as best I know how (which, admittedly, isn't very well!) and am hoping to be back up and running sooner rather then later!

In the meantime, enjoy a picture of my latest creation, which is a work in progress. I used an old cookie sheet and made some magnets for FLYthings I want to do each day. As I do them, I move them over! Any suggestions? I'm expecting at least some changes to come!

Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm Aliiiiiiive!!!

Just in case you were wondering. ;-)

So, the focus of my life, the Babysteps Challenge. I am LOVING it! It's keeping me focused on something, which right now is good. I'm kind of in 'withdrawal from everyone/everything' mode right now; not fun. But I guess this is the way I'm going to be grieving, so I am trying to let myself do that, while keeping it as healthy as possible.

OK, random tangent: I have the "timer" of my itouch set to quack like a duck and the "free text" part of it to moo like a cow. I wonder what that says about me?

Back to Flylady: Today was only 1 hot spot fire drill (on the steps!) and I didn't declutter more dresser drawers like I had hoped. BUT, I did get The Boy's room looking great and took a big chunk out of the girls' room. And no, I didn't do my inspiration page yet, but I figure that since tomorrow is to delete all old Flylady emails (OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS GOING TO BE AWFUL! I've been trying to read as many as I can but I seriously have over 300!) I'll be able to work on it a bit.

Cute story! I've been writing down the Flylady things I need to keep doing on the large mirror in my room with dry erase marker (mostly because it's so fun to draw on a mirror!!) and today I realized that my sweetie wrote me a little note by it! And so, of course, I went and wrote one on his mirror!

So, I think I know what I'm going to do with all of your wonderful blogs. (Tried Google Reader; even more overwhelming) I'm going to get a new de.lici.ous (or however you spell it) account JUST for you! Don't you feel special! You should because you are!!!

Alright, it's crazy late. I just wanted to drop in and ask you not to give up on me!! I'll get the hang of this, don't you worry!

Have a wonderful weekend!!